WorksiteVR™ Simulator is a combination of the latest virtual reality technology, learning hub and realistic machine controls specifically designed for the construction industry.

Utilizing a head mounted display to provide a fully immersive training environment, WorksiteVR™ Simulator allows operators of all levels to learn, practice and assess their machine operation skills in an authentic simulated work environment.

Construction Equipment Operator Training Revolutionized with New Virtual Reality Tool from Immersive Technologies

21 February, 2017

Finding and keeping trained, skilled heavy equipment operators is one of the greatest challenges facing the construction industry. With tight schedules and increased project risk there is less and less room for human error and poor performance at crucial phases like site preparation.

Immersive Technologies, the global leader in advanced simulator development for heavy equipment training, is using leading edge technology to bring versatile and effective simulation based operator training to the construction field with their new virtual reality tool, WorksiteVR™ Simulator.

Immersive Technologies has 24 years in the earthmoving training sector and our technology and expertise in operator training helps deliver a virtual reality product with the highest realism, training effectiveness and machine accuracy. Advanced understanding in the complexity of material modelling, machine accuracy, training know-how and customer support as well as a dedicated research and development team staying current on latest technological advancements ensures you are partnering with a highly reputable and lasting company.

WorksiteVR™ Simulator

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We are currently only simulating machines for Caterpillar and Komatsu. For information on other machines please fill out the form below.